Pulu Amsic Lot-Owners Association, Inc. (PALA)

Pulu Amsic Clubhouse, 2nd Floor Conference Room                                                  Pulu Amsic Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009

Email Address:  pulu_amsic.lotowners@yahoo.com

Cell Phone: 09179238604 Website: Puluamsic.org



                                                                                                                   August 18, 2021

In conjunction with Brgy. Amsic we are coordinating a list of Pulu Amsic residents who wish to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Should you wish to be included please complete form available at the clubhouse office.

You must have valid I.D indicating your address in the subdivision to be included on the list. At the moment we have no information as to what vaccine will be available.

Once we have compiled the list we will coordinate with the Brgy. to arrange a time slot at a vaccination center that will be exclusively for the use of our residents.

Applications will be closed at close of business on Friday 6th September 2021

Thank you,

PALA Office