• This page provides links to the formal documents used to maintain the high standard of living achievable in Pulu Amsic .
  • The PALA Rules and Regulations document provides details on all homeowner aspects of living in Pulu Amsic.
  • The PALA Construction and Contractors- New Rules_Regulation document provides the building guidlines to be followed during construction of homes.
  • Sticker 2018 document addresses vehicle access to the subdivision and proper placement of vehicle stickers
  • Deed of Restrictions provides direction on the use of lots and roads , building and architecture permited and restrictions applying to homeowners .
  • Homeowners can download a copy to make themsleves aware of the current rules and regulations in operation.

Sticker 2021

PALA Rules and Regulations- Revised Nov 2017

PALA CONSTRUCTION AND CONTRACTOR_S_Rules&Regulations_Revised Nov 2017


DRAFT Revised PALA Regulations 


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