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Pulu Amsic Lot-Owners Association, Inc. (PALA)



Pulu Amsic Clubhouse, 2nd Floor Conference Room                                                 

Pulu Amsic Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009

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Cell Phone: 09179238604 Website:



To improve security within our subdivision we intend to issue Photos ID’s to all household domestic staff.


To obtain the ID a form (Sample enclosed) will have to be completed and a 2×2 Photo provided with the completed form.

To obtain the ID form, click on the Domestic ID Form Link below, complete the form and return it to the PALA office along with 2 Photo’s of the applicant.

A hard copy of the form is also available from PALA Office. The cost of the ID plus holders will be ₱ 150 each. There ID’s are valid while the person remains employed in the subdivision.


Completed form should be returned to PALA Office by close of business Saturday 24th May.



Dave Hewitson



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