May 18,2019 at 10am

Pulu Amsic Clubhouse

Present: 32 Members

Please refer to the attendance sheet attached.

The meeting was called to order and presided by Pres. Bryan at 10:00 am.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous AGM & 2018 Annual Report

The President said that everyone can get a copy of the Minutes of the previous AGM dated May 12,2018 and the 2018 Annual Report from the registration counter and gave them time to read it.  Mr. Don Wiseman then motioned for the Approval of the Minutes of the previous AGM and the 2018 Annual Report which was seconded by Dir. Rafael Del Rosario.

  1. President’s Report

Pres. Bryan gave a short summary of the Annual Report since everyone had a copy of it. Overall the President said that the security of the subdivision is working well. Some beautification had been done at the entrance gate. We purchased a tractor and mower for our maintenance. And Pres. Bryan said a contractor is looking into the drainage problem in Phase 1 and that an assessment will be given in 2 weeks.

III. Treasurer’s Report

VP Dave prepared the Treasurer’s Report 2018.  He said we have a working balance of P2M. An audited Financial Report is ready and can be reviewed by any of our Pala members. The collection of homeowners dues is very good. Thanks to the cooperation of all our homeowners/residents.

  1. Election

Dir. Ely Narciso, being our Comelec Chairman, said that since we have not received new nominations for the Board and have failed to reach the required quorum, there will be no election today. The Board of Directors will remain the same. If the Body agrees, we can call for a special election in three (3) months if there are new nominees.

  1. Other Matters

Pala Members mentioned some concerns and the Board offered solutions:

  1. Pres. Bryan said that Pulu Amsic houses cannot be used as offices and that we should limit the number of vehicles we park along the road.
  1. Maintaining the beauty of our surroundings is essential. Please keep your property clean and do not throw trash on vacant lots or misuse the vacant lots.
  1. Rules and Regulations are there to benefit everybody. Let us respect it. If something affects a resident, Pala can look into it. But personal issues should be addressed personally.
  1. Pool Use must be limited to residents and their guests. And we should all strictly observe the pools hours. It is for your own safety and protection.
  1. Adjournment

With no other matter to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.


PALA Annual General Meeting

May 18,2019 at 10am

Pulu Amsic Clubhouse


  1. Prisca N. Castor
  2. Rafael Jesus Del Rosario Jr.
  3. Eloisa R. Narciso

4.Bryan Hammer

  1. Colin Miller
  2. Dave Hewitson
  3. John Ramp
  4. Don Wiseman
  5. Liberty Wiseman
  6. Luz Sanchez
  7. Rey Sanchez

12.Lorelyn Flores

13.Steve Turner

  1. Cornelious Clayton
  2. Merly Kolb
  3. Bruce Kolb
  4. Allen Wilson
  5. Mel Cowling
  6. Irene Shaffer
  7. Erick Vuadens
  8. Isidoro Munoz
  9. Melissa Galang
  10. Eddie Castro
  11. James Hogan
  12. Catherine Sunga
  13. Luciano Pamintuan
  14. Marie Pamintuan
  15. Imelda Mc Cown
  16. Kenneth Mc Cown
  17. Bob Cass
  18. Ruth Castro

32 Rossana Munoz


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