• This page will list the most common enquiries being made to PALA by homeowners.
  • It is hoped, by sharing these items homeowners can be aware of progress PALA is making to address those enquiries.


1) Question: Why do I have to pay monthly dues and how is the money spent?

Answer:        Pala is responsible for the maintenance of the subdivision. This includes landscape & road maintenance of the subdivision, street lights, swimming pool and clubhouse, ensuring regular garbage collection, security and administration of the subdivision we employ  9 maintenance staff, 2 office staff and 1 village manager in order to perform these functions your monthly dues are required to enable as to do all of this. The amount of money collected and how it is spent is detailed in monthly accounts reports prepared and distributed by the treasurer there is a monthly summary of accounts available on the website as well as a more detailed copy available for member’s viewing in the PALA office.


2) Question: Why am I required to complete a form for entry to the subdivision or why is my guest required to do so?

Answer:       All homeowner/renter who are currently up to date with their monthly dues are required to purchase a sticker annually for each vehicle they own. Once a sticker is displayed in the appropriate position on your vehicle your entry & exit should be uninterrupted. Guests who are entering in a vehicle without a sticker are required to provide basic written information re. Who they are visiting, I.D & contact details. This is to ensure that all guests are legitimate visitors to the subdivision. Homeowner/renters without stickers will also be required to fill in the same forms while they obtain current stickers eventually their vehicle will be denied entry to the subdivision if no sticker displayed.


3)     Question:      How do I make a complaint?

Answer:   The Pala office has official complaint forms that must be completed before a complaint can be investigated or complaints can be emailed directly to the office. We also now have a “contact us” form on the website that can be used for complaints. Should a homeowner wish to complain about something urgent outside office hours eg .loud noise from neighbours, constantly barking dogs or other security concerns then the security guards can be contracted directly (09179238604 ) to deal with the problem. They will then submit a written report to the office next working day regarding the contact & the outcome.


4)     Question:       When the garbage is collected & why is it sometimes left.

Answer:      Garbage collections days are Tuesday & Friday. Garbage should be in a black plastic bag and placed inside a suitable garbage bin. Green (garden) waste will only be collected if placed in a black plastic bag.

Failure to place garbage in an appropriate container will result in the garbage not being collected.  If then becomes the responsibility of the homeowners/renter to remove such items.


5)     Question:      What do (do when the electricity supply is interrupted (brown out)?

Answer:      Contact Angeles Electric (0998-867-7355) & (888-2888)


6)      Question:     What do I do when the water supply is interrupted?

Answer:       Contact Teresa Water (09209458627) & (045-887-3160)