June 5, 2018

Latest Robbery News!!

On the morning of Friday 25th May two robberies took place in the subdivision, one on Pulu Amsic Drive and one on Kanlaon Street. According to the police entry was gained over the wall between Pulu Amsic and Plantation Hills, it appears that from the home owners CCTV on Kanlaon street exit was via a car that appeared to pick up the robbers at around 4:00 am. The car appears our CCTV at the front gate as having entered around 4:00 am and exited a few minutes’ later. I am trying to get the police to enhance CCTV footage so that the number plate of the car can be read unfortunately up to date they have not been forthcoming with that information. I am also trying to find a CCTV operator who can provide this information for us, again with no luck so far. We have still not received a police report re. The robbery on Kanlaon Street.  A major concern is that this vehicle does not appear on the guards log book as either entering or leaving the subdivision. I suspect the guards were asleep and have already met with the security company owner to the address this concern.

Since my meeting the security guards will be required to strictly enforce the following policies.

1) Guards on duty that night no longer allowed working in our subdivision.

2) Barrier to be down at all times.

3) All vehicles (with or without stickers) with heavily tented windows will be required to open all windows upon entry.

4) The night guards at Phase I, 2 and 3 will be required to spend most of their time roving their respective areas not sitting at entrance. This will give up us 4 roving guards at night.

The security company has already been put on notice that failure to adhere to these policies may result in cancellation of contract.  We trust that these measures, strictly enforced will improve our overall security.

We will also look at encouraging all domestic staff to obtain the official I.D’s now available at PALA office as all individuals who are not home owners/ renters will face increased scrutiny on entering or leaving the subdivision.

I am still trying to get the tower moved from Phase I to the wall between Pulu Amsic and Plantation Hills to be a visual deterrent to discourage entry from that area. The developers at plantation hills continue to provide security on their side of the wall.

We will continue to refine our security measures and appreciate any suggestion from residents. As always we share a joint responsibility for the safety of our subdivision and of our individual homes.




Dave Hewitson