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MAY 2019






This has been a year of continuing development for the subdivision.

At the start of the year we had been experiencing some problems with home burglaries I am pleased to say that since we implemented new measures including constant and logged patrolling of each phase by the guards plus moving of a watch tower to the perimeters wall near the plantation hills development, we had no reports of any further incidents. However we all remain responsible in ensuring our homes are as secure as possible.

Other security measures introduced this year include an I.D card system to identify all construction workers in the village at any time and the location of their construction site, all workers have to present a NBI clearance to obtain the I.D cards.

ID cards are also available for domestic staff but not compulsory.

Transfer of the refund of homeowners funds from the developers to residents continued throughout the year see financial report for the total transferred so far.

We were losing a large amount of water from the pools resulting in water bills of 15,000 PHP plus per month, since the building of a small wall down one side of the pool our bills have been reduced to less than 1,000 PHP per month.

Our maintenance crew managed by our Village Manager Jeff Somera continues to maintain the subdivision and boulevard. It is the board’s intention to share the management of the boulevard with fairways and Plantation Hills during 2019. The clearing of empty lots of rubbish and construction debris dumped by neighboring home owners remains a difficulty that we constantly strive to manage.

There was a large accumulation of palm leaves close to perimeter wall beside the pool because of difficulty in identifying contractors to carry out the work, this has now been resolved.

Street light maintenance continues on a monthly basis, we had to replace all the switches with manual switches because of the poor quality of the quality of the automatic switches available.

We have a flooding problem in phase I due to the inadequate drainage put in place by the developers. Work has finally commenced to improve the drainage in this area and relieve the problem. The developers have refused to finance this project and a decision has to be made whether to accept or reject their refusal.

Homeowner’s dues, with the issuing of regular reminders, request and eventually threats to restrict vehicle access if not paid, have a high rate of over 90% compliance. Sadly some homeowners only wait for the final threat to restrict access before paying, and then get angry when the threat is issued.

The village organized our first Christmas Party this year which was a resounding success judging by the feedback we received. Thanks again to all who contributed their time and well as the excellent food on offer. Special thanks to the young ladies in the office, assisted by our maintenance staff, for all their preparation.

In 2019 we intend to address the problems of the ageing some of the infrastructure of the village and gradually complete the minor repairs necessary to ensure our village remains an attractive and desirable place to live for our present and future residents.

We hope our members will use the General meeting to further identify issues they wish us to address in this coming year.








PALA Vice President



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