Pulu Amsic Lot-Owners Association, Inc. (PALA)
  Pulu Amsic Clubhouse, 2nd Floor Conference Room
  Pulu Amsic Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga 2009
  Email Address:  pulu_amsic.lotowners@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: 09179238604

March 24,2020


Covid- 19    Quarantine Passes


Despite daily liason with the Barangay Amsic it appears that representative from the barangay issued some quarantine passes to some residents last saturday. On Monday (23rd ) they informed us that the Mayor of Angeles City instructed all the Barangay’s to stop issuing Quarantine passes, If stopped at a checkpoint you only need a valid I.D. This is situation as of today, if it changes and we are aware of any changes, we will let you know.



Within our subdivision maintenance and security continue to work as normal. Garbage collection will continue as normal. At the moment Je-an cannot go to work because of travel restriction. I will be in the office Monday to Saturday from around 8am to 10am. You can still contact us on the office phone (0917-923-8604)   or via email. Should this situation continue for the foreseeable future I will look at employing someone on a temporarily basis so office can be open on mornings to process monthly dues/Stickers etc..


Dave Hewitson

PALA Vice President



We have requested by the City Health Office of Angeles City to announce that FREE ORAL POLIO VACCINE will be available on Friday from 9am – 10am  in the clubhouse for children 0-59 months old If interested please let the office know before 12 noon on Thursday July 31,2020. You may contact 0917-923-8604. Informing the office ahead is a must. Thank you     PALA Office